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Find and Enjoy These Splendid Flower Lands with Perfect Scenery for Photographing


Zall Town


Jinhui Manor


Huaiyin Park



Green Topia Plum Garden


Tianshui Bay Manhua Town


Spring is the season for all things to recover and flowers to blossom. It’s a quite pleasant thing to walk in spring with family or friends in the spring breeze. At present, Xiaogan’s outing and flower admiring are gradually gaining popularity. Various scenic spots have prepared colorful activities to provide a good place for the general public to enjoy outing and flower admiring!


Come on, this spring day, let’s enjoy the beautiful flowers together in Xiaogan!


Jinhui Manor


It’s exactly the best timing for traveling in spring with flowers blooming and winds breezing. Everything you want can be experienced in Jinhui Manor, including flower admiring, entertainment, catering, and accommodation.

The best viewing period of tulip: from March 1 to April 25.

It’s time for tulips to bloom again. A large sea of flowers is blooming. The round buds stand upright, fair and tender, and are quite lovely.

The best viewing period of cherry blossom: February 18 to March 31.

When spring comes, the cherry blossoms of Jinhui Manor are as beautiful as clouds in the say, full in trees, and you can never see too many beautiful scenes, feel winds breezing, and petals flying.

The best viewing period of rapeseed flower is from March 1 to April 10.

The golden rapeseed blossoms bloom time after time. Although they are not as beautiful as tulips and cherry blossoms, but they are the most touching. The vast sea of rapeseed flowers enlivens Jinhui Manor. Walking in it, you will blend into the scene of the painting.

Address: Pengxingdian, Xiaonan District

Zall Town Peach Blossom Post

In a warm afternoon at the beginning of spring, the Peach Blossom Post has quietly absorbed enough light and warmth after lying low for a whole winter, and the peach blossom is in full bloom with cunning and pride. Hundreds of hectares of peach forest are also whispering in the spring breeze, brewing a gorgeous and grand bloom.

Peach blossom is expected to be in full bloom on March 10. In a few days, rapeseed, magnolia, pear blossom and begonia will also be in full bloom. Color and smell, peace and hope, come in droves.

Address: Yangdian Town, Xiaonan District


Manhua Town, Tianshui Bay

Spring flowers bloom, like the ancient said, “let’s admire the flowers with wine today”, where we can live up to the good spring season, get away from the daily trivial, to see a colorful sea of flowers! Tianshui Bay, the 3A scenic spot of Manhua Town, is full of tulips and flowers happily blooming.

There are many kinds of flowers in the park. Since February, dozens of varieties of flowers started blooming in droves, so the flowering period is very long. Take the garden train to enjoy the flowers!

Address: Zhaowan Township, Chenhu Town, Hanchuan City

Green Topia Plum Garden

800 Mu (53.3 hectares)of plum blossom, adds a strong festival atmosphere for the Spring Festival. Green Topia Plum Garden belongs to Green Topia Phase III, with a planned area of 3,000 Mu (200 hectares), including 800 Mu (53.3 hectares) of plum blossom, 300 Mu (20 hectares)of begonia, lagerstroemia indica, cherry blossom, osmanthus, 200 Mu (13.3 hectares) of fruit picking garden, 1,500 Mu (100 hectares) of forest rehabilitation demonstration base, and 200 Mu (13.3 hectares) of literary creation base. It is a part of the Permanent Tourism Spot of the National Forest Rehabilitation Base,and also the largest Plum Blossom Base in Xiaogan at present.

Address: Green Topia Nursery Stock Base, Zougang Town, Xiaochang County

Huaiyin Park

Spring wakes up flowers without a word. The flowers touches our heart strings without a hand. It’s like a short trip in Huaiyin Park.

The flower buds, as numerous as stars, are swaying happily in the spring breeze. It’s time to enjoy the flowers in spring!

Address: Huaiyin Park, Xiaogan City

Tianzi Lake Resort

Let’s date with a few friends for the green lands. Let’s carry our bags, and go to Tianzi Lake Resort to embrace spring! These days, the plum blossom of Tianzi Lake Wintersweet Garden is in full bloom. Let’s go together!

Address: Tianzi Lake, Xiaogang Town, Xiaonan District

Take your beloved to see the sea of flowers in Xiaogan spring!