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Yingcheng National Mine Park - Aiman Cultural Tourism Town


Yingcheng National Mining Park - Aiman Cultural Tourism Town is adjacent to the famous Tangchi Hot Spring in Central China, covering seven vacation resources of mountain, water, forest, field, lake, hot spring, and gypsum mine. Aiman Cultural Tourism Town is a national AAA scenic spot. Relying on the local rich gypsum salt mineral resources and hot spring resources, integrating agriculture, culture, and tourism, the town can be regarded as an important model for all characteristic towns to develop in an innovative way.

The town has been awarded the titles of “the Second Batch of National Mine Parks” and “Top 500 National Preferred Tourism Projects” by the former Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. It has built the Wild Luxury Hotel in cooperation with the world-famous hotel Ramada, and has built International One-Stop Hot Spring Recreation Center, Exquisite Yinlu Homestay, Aiman Racecourse, Aiman Farm, Parent-Child Tree House, and the first Gypsum Museum in China. In the future, it will invest in the planning and construction of projects like cave exploration, cave bar, parent-child camp, and forests & valleys homestay.