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2019 Anlu Libai Cultural Tourism Festival Begins Grandly

On November 8, the 2019 Anlu Libai Cultural Tourism Festival of “Hometown of Li Bai and Land of Ginkgo” was opened in Libai Memorial Square, Baizhao Mountain. More than 800 people from all over the country, including experts and scholars of Li Bai Research Association, members of Li Bai’s Whereabouts Alliance, tourism experts and scholars, writers, poets, merchants, and journalists, etc., gathered in Anlu City to appreciate the millennium ginkgo biloba, recite Li Bai’s poetry, admire the ink and wash paintings, and talk about tourism development.

It is understood that this Libai Cultural Tourism Festival is full of interest and enjoyment. The visitors can not only see the well-organized "never forget the long wind and waves" art show themed with “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Brave the Wind and the Waves”, but also participate in the folk custom field survey in Qianchongd, Li Bai poetry workshop, Li Bai summit forum and other activities. On November 9, a forum to create a regional tourism city was held in Anlu, which attracted tourism experts, scholars and representatives of cultural and tourism enterprises from all over the country to discuss how to build a regional tourism city in Anlu. Negotiation and signing on project proposals for investment and a ceremony of centralized commencement of projects were also conducted during the period.


In recent years, Anlu City has deeply cultivated and deepened Libai culture, built the AAAA Baizhao Mountain Libai Cultural Scenic Spot, and held a series of Libai academic and cultural exchange activities such as Libai Academic Seminar and Libai Literature Carnival. Through the construction of the red tourism and poverty alleviation road, Anlu links the main scenic spots on one chain, and combines the large-scale rural complex along the route, for gradually creating the whole regional tourism pattern of “appreciate the beautiful scenery of Anlu along one way”. It is reported that at present, Anlu receives 2.15 million tourists annually, generating a tourism comprehensive income of RMB 1.38 billion.