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500,000 visitors to Xiaogan during the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

From September 13 to 15, a total of 507,500 visitors were received in Xiaogan during the Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday, with a comprehensive tourism income of 210,614,000 yuan, an increase of 17.3% and 10.09% over the same period.


According to statistics, the top three cities in terms of tourism receptions in the Mid-Autumn Festival this year are Yingcheng City (128,000 passengers), Xiaonan District (113,100 passengers) and Anlu City (68,000 passengers); the top three cities in terms of comprehensive tourism income are Yingcheng City (55 million yuan), Xiaonan District (45.87 million yuan) and Xiaochang County (26.68 million yuan).


The Mid-Autumn Festival is also named as the “Golden September” of various scenic spots. Golden Flower Manor, 18 Ponds in Dawu, Yingcheng Tangchi Warm Spring, Mine Park and other main scenic spots have launched ticket-free and discount activities. Some hotels have launched a series of preferential activities in guest rooms, catering and other aspects, attracting many tourists to visit and consume. In terms of travel, the recreational travel is still the first choice in the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, with self-driving and rural leisure tours as the mainstream, and there is no congestion on passenger roads in the city.


Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau carried out safety inspections of cultural and tourism markets, and intensified the publicity of civilized tourism. During this period, the cultural and tourism markets were operated safely and smoothly. There is no positive and negative typical case about civilized tourism and integrity management. There is no travel safety emergency and complaint handling during holidays.