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Red Tourism Jinling Village


Located in the northeast of Xincheng Town, Dawu County which is the hometown of the Founding General, Xu Haidong, Jinning Village has a total cultivated area of 2225 mu, mountain area of 8954 mu. There are 545 households, 1922 people in the whole village, including 206 poor households, 610 people subject to filing.  


Dawu County Government fully explores the red resources and historical cultural resources, relies on local excellent ecological environment and beautiful rural scenery to develop red tourism to build the village into a civilized and livable beautiful home. The village has been successively awarded as “National Civilization Village” and the first batch of “Distinctive Culture Village” in the province. In October 2018, the village was confirmed as “beautiful village” by Rural Comprehensive Reform Office in Hubei Province.