6 Art Performances Make Citizens Enjoy Themselves to the Full

The materials are from the grassroots and the actors are from the masses... From November 2 to 4, 6 mass art performances will be staged in Xiaogan East Station Square, fully demonstrating the gratifying achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening-up, and the new expectations of the people for a better life.

As one of the activity series of the 2018 Filial Piety Culture Tourism Festival, different from holding an evening party in the venue previously, this year’s art performance, was organized and prepared by Xiaogan Power Supply Company, Xiaogan Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Xiaogan Municipal Education Bureau, Xiaogan Municipal Commission of Urban Management, Xiaogan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Xiaogan Municipal Public Security Bureau, for the people of the city. It combines a variety of patterns of manifestation such as song and dance, scene play, short funny play, traditional Chinese opera, sign language exercise, poetry reading, etc. From the arrangement to the performance, all the employees of the organizations did them entirely on their own, which is really down to earth.

“The 6 art performances are based on as well as for the grassroots, and they have satisfied the needs of the people to enjoy cultural services and participate in cultural activities.” The relevant person in charge in the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee said that many program items are closely linked with the actual work of the various organizations, showing the little-known joys and sorrows of the cadres and employees. For example, Xiaogan Power Supply Company, based on the story of young worker Huang Yuting go to college while caring for her mother, created the scene play I Have a Home, and the scene play Going Ahead after the Sun vividly unfolds the tremendous changes by photovoltaic poverty alleviation to the life of farmers; the poetry reading You’re Actually Always Here, by the human resources and social security system, tells the story of Yu Chaoping, a member of the poverty alleviation team; the scene play The Dream of Sanitation Workers created by the Municipal Commission of Urban Management shows the history of urban sanitation management advancing with the times and the dedication of sanitation workers who are not afraid of hardships, and stand hard work.

Through the art performances, the organizations will also show the spirit of the “dutiful sons” and industry models in various systems. For example, the “Police Dutiful Son”, “The Most Beautiful Police Officer’s Wife”, “Position Model”, “Excellent Auxiliary Police Officer” and “Public Security Model” selected by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the “Window Service Model” and the “Human Resources and Social Security Dutiful Son” selected by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the “Power Supply Filial Piety Model”, the “Xiaogan Power Supply Craftsman”, the “Power Grid Construction Pioneer” selected by Xiaogan Power Supply Company, etc. etc. will all meet with the masses during the performance, so that everyone can watch the wonderful performance while feeling the power of example.