“Filial Piety Feast”of Xiaogan Becomes Famous in Wuhan Food Festival

On June 10, four-month food event – 2019 Wuhan Food and Culture Festival was launched Jiqing Street of Hankou. Both foreign tourists and local citizens can taste Jinchu delicious foods. 

This food and culture festival is the biggest food event in Wuhan in the recent years, including Jinchu food exhibition, time-honored brand product exhibition, Jinchu excellent product exhibition and international food exhibition these five exhibition activities. Jinchu food exhibition will show famous snacks from 17 cities and prefectures in the whole province emphatically. Delicious foods of Hubei as a “province with thousands of lakes” and a “land with fish and rice” are also included to make the brand of Chu cuisine well known and spread the culture of Chu cuisine. 

In the exhibition area of “filial piety feast” produced by Xiaogan Yuji Hotel, there is elegant white table, matching with elegant and simple Jinchu cuisine. Crystal clear glass ornaments creates warm and romantic, simple and lively food culture atmosphere of Chu cuisine. The jasper lake fairyland created by ice fog symbolizes pure and fantastic love. Dong Yong and the seventh fairy are standing in the fog that curled upward, telling a beautiful marriage due to filial piety under a pagoda tree, which highlights thick Chu cultural atmosphere. At the time of tasting, citizens and tourists on the site discussed that: “So enjoyable! It is not only enjoyment of taste, but also a visual feast.” It is reported that “filial piety feast” has won the gold medal of Jinchu Food Exhibition of 2019 Wuhan Food and Culture Festival.