Physical geography

Xiaogan City is located in the northeast central part of Hubei Province, south to the Tongbai Mountain and Dabie Mountain, north to the Yangtze River, east to Hanjiang River. It is adjacent to Dongxihu District in Wuhan and Xiantao City in the south, and borders with Xinyang City, Henan Province in the north. It is near to cities and counties such as Suizhou, Jingmen and Tianmen etc., and connected to Hong’an County in Huanggang City and Huangpi District in Wuhan City. Geographic position is north latitude of 30°23′—31°52′, and east longitude of 113°19′—114°35'. The total length is about 163 kilometers from the south to north, and the total width is about 122 kilometers from the east to the west in the whole territory. Land resource area of the whole city is 8910 square kilometers, and Xiaogan urban area is 50 kilometers of  highway mileage away from the Wuhan urban area.