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Major Industries

Automobile & Parts Industry:

Highly agglomerated in the Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone, the automobile & parts industry has gathered more than 50 enterprises, including Yazaki and Chuhatsu from Japan, Magneti Marelli Group from Italy, Bontaz-Centre Group from France, CSSG Heavy Equipment, Wanshan Special Vehicle and Guilin Fuda Group; and with the production capacity to develop and produce special vehicles such as heavy jeeps and heavy flat car and series products of automobile & parts such as electrical automobile wire harness, upholstery, automotive lamp, automobile axle, engine crankshaft, seat and frame, this industry has become an important base for special vehicle and automobile & parts in Hubei.

Optoelectronics Information Industry:

Mainly scattered in the Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone and Xiaochang County, the optoelectronics information industry has attracted more than 50 enterprises such as HGTECH, Hua Zhong Photoelectric, Hanguang Technology and Aisan Photoelectric. It boasts a leading status in the field of photoelectronic imaging, optical instrument and photo-electro-mechanical integration with a share of 70% in the market of high-precision optical measurement instruments in China, and a development concentration on laser products, photoelectronic devices, electric light source, electrical vacuum device, luminaires, precision gauges and electrical equipment. The cluster of optoelectronics information industry in the Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone is one of the key industrial clusters with a scale only second to Wuhan Optics Valley.

High-end Equipment Manufacture Industry:

This sector mainly clusters in the Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone; leading by a dozen of large enterprises under CSSG, more than 40 enterprises have settled in the land, such as Weixiang Numerical Control Machine and Jiuzhou Numerical Control Machine, with an international-level capability in processing precision machineries. Its focus of development and production mainly lay in aerospace science and technology products, high-end numerical control machine, medical equipment and complete set of electromechanical equipment.

Textile & Garment Industry:

Mainly located in the Xiaogan High-tech Industry Development Zone, Hanchuan and Anlu, this industry has gathered more than 150 enterprises including Grace, Hubei Xiaomian Industry Group and Jihua 3509 Textile (formerly the PLA No. 3509 Factory).

Bio-pharmaceutical Industry:

Mainly located in the Xiaogan High-tech Industry Development Zone, Hanchuan, Anlu and Xiaochang County, this sector has converged Shenzhen Neptunus Group, Tongji Science & Technology, Fuxing Biological Technology, Meilin Pharmaceutical, Wushi Pharmaceutical and Nuoke Pharmaceutical, attaching research and production focus on bio-pharmaceutical, medical apparatus and instruments and Chinese patent medicine.

Food Processing Industry:

Mainly located in the Xiaogan High-tech Industry Development Zone, Hanchuan, Yunmeng County and Anlu, it has attracted many “China time-honored brands” like Xiaogan Matang Mijium, along with other famous brands such as Yinlu (Nestle), Dali, Panpan, Huitouke, Baodi and Haoji; besides, it also boasts a complete set of accessorial enterprises in food packaging and print.

Paper Product Industry:

The sector is highly agglomerated in Xiaonan District, which has gained the investment of the China’s top 4 enterprises in paper product industry, namely Sinar Mas Asia Pulp & Paper, Fujian Hengan, Guangdong Vinda, Guangdong C&S; in 2011, Xiaonan District was awarded as the only honor of “Household Paper Production Base in China”.

Metal Product Industry:

This industry is mainly scattered in Xiaonan District, Hanchuan and Anlu, gathered more than 120 renowned enterprises including ASD, Fuxing Technology, Hubei Yonghean Door Industry and Hejiahuan Door Industry, with the capability to design and produce steel wire rope, steel cord, steel structure, security door and kitchen ware.

New Energy Industry:

In Dawu County, Hanchuan, Yingcheng and Anlu, this industy has been taking advantage of wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy, with numerous famous enterprises such as China Power Investment Corporation, CGN Wind Energy, CECEP Solar Energy Technology and Wuhan Anneng.

Modern Logistics Industry:

The industry is highly agglomerated in the Modern Logistics Industry Park of Xiangan Airport Economic Zone; STO Express, Yunda Express and Global Logistics Properties (China) have successively invested in the park for airport logistics centers, e-commerce platform, distribution centers, information centers, call centers, settlement centers and training centers.

Phosphor Salt Chemical Industry:

Yingcheng County and Yunmeng County has attracted more than 70 enterprises including Jiuda Group, Zhongyan Hongbo, Blue Sky Salt Chemical, Yihua Shuanghuan, and Shindoo Chem-industry, as well 4 China Top Brands, 4 China's Famous Brands and 2 Hubei Top Brands and 1 Provincial-level Technical Centre. Now the Fine Chemical New Material Industrial Base in Yingcheng has been listed in the National Torch Plan; and Blue Sky Salt Chemical has become the national designated production enterprise for edible salt.