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Investment Platforms

In the city, there is 1 national hi-tech zone, 1 airport economic zone, 1 tourist resort, 7 provincial-level economic development zones, 6 academician workstations, 1 state-level incubator (accelerator), 1 state-level product quality test center and 45 R&D platforms at the provincial level and above.

1、Xiaogan National Hi-tech Zone

In August 2012, it was approved as a national hi-tech zone by the State Council. Covering a planning area of 80 square kilometers, it is located in the core part of the pilot area for a resource-efficient and environment-friendly society in the Wuhan City Circle, and is the only production base for automobile parts outside the Optics Valley and the Economic Development Zone in Wuhan.

Major industries: automobiles and parts, optoelectronic information, high-end equipment manufacturing, and textile and garments

Renowned brands: Yazaki Corp. and CHKK from Japan, Italian Marelli Group, French Bontaz-Centre Co., Ltd., Sanjiang Heavy Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., Wanshan

Special Vehicle Manufactory, Guilin Fu Da Group, Huagong Tech, Huazhong Optoelectronics, Hubei Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd., CASIC, Xiaogan Weixiang Numerical Control Machine Co., Ltd., Jiuzhou Numerically-controlled Machine Tool, and Hubei Xiaomian Industry Group Co., Ltd.


2、Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone

The zone is separated from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport by water. It is an important part of the Wuhan-Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone approved by the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, one of the ten major demonstration areas specified in the 12th Five-year Plan of Hubei Province for the building of resource-efficient and environment-friendly society, and a key strategic site for Xiaogan to become the sub-central city in the Wuhan City Circle. It covers an area of 100 square kilometers. Surrounded by waters in three sides, it enjoys rich wet land resources and good natural environment. With flat terrain and vast land, the zone is suitable for scaled development and construction.

Major industries: airport-related high and new technologies, modern logistics, and cultural and creative industry

Renowned brands: Shentong Express, Yunda Express, TTKD Express, Global Logistics Properties Investment and Management (China) Co., Ltd., Wuhan Green Net Health Investment and Management Co., Ltd., China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited, and China Gezhouba Corporation.


3、Shuangfeng Mountain Resort

It is a national forest park covering the largest area with most scenic sites in the neighborhood of Wuhan at a distance of no more than 100 kilometers. The park lies in the extension of Dabie mountains, covering a total area of 62.5 square kilometers, with forest coverage reaching 87%. Located in the area of subtropical monsoon climate, it abounds with rains and the climate is mild. In the park, there are 18 scenic spots.

Major industries: culture and tourism

Renowned brands: national forest park, state 4A scenic spots, the base to advocate the Chinese culture of filial piety and to develop outdoor activities, and the ecological park for experiencing the culture of filial piety


4、Xiaonan Economic Development Zone

It is the extension of Xiaogan National Hi-tech Zone. Covering a planning area of 98 square kilometers, it is divided into three sections, namely the south, north and middle sections. There are 255 firms currently, with 78 larger-scale companies. The zone has been awarded honors and titles in succession including the “Ten Best Advanced Development Zones in Hubei” and the “Leading Organization in Hubei in Opening up”, and the state-level “Harmonious Industrial Park”.

Major industries: paper products, modern forest industry, textile and garments, machinery and electronics, medicine and food products, and new materials

Renowned brands: Vinda, Hengan, Gold Hongye Paper, C&S, Jieling, Wanglaoji, Lesso, Aosen, Hejiahuan Door Industry, Esun, and Huakai Auto Parts.


5、Hanchuan Economic Development Zone

Hanchuan Economic Development Zone (Hubei Provincial Hi-tech Industrial Park) covers a planning area of 80 square kilometers, and holds 111 firms with larger scale. Hanchuan City ranks among the top ten in terms of industrial and economic strength, honored as “Top 100 Small-and-medium-sized Cities with Most Investment Potentials in China”, “Top 10 Counties and Cities in Central China”, “Model Cities at the County Level for Economic Development in Hubei”, and the “County/City with Best Financial Credit”. It is a national base to process food products or start relevant business.

Major industries: energy and building materials, food processing, packaging and printing, textile and garments, and metal products

Renowned brands: China Guodian Corporation, China Energy Conservation Company, Hong Kong Sijia Group, Dali Group, Yinlu (Nestle), Panpan, Grace Group, Hexing Packaging Printing, Hubei Fuxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Yonghean Door, Ayd Group, and Carrefour


6、Yingcheng Economic Development Zone

With a planning area of 58 square kilometers, there are 103 firms currently, including 81 larger scale enterprises. Yingcheng City has been awarded in succession the titles “Top 10 Counties and Cities in Central China”, “Best City for Healthy and Leisure Travel in China”, “Excellent Tourist City in China”, “National Model County/City in Social Public Security”, and the “County/City with Best Financial Credit”. The zone is the largest base for salt industry in Hubei Province.

Major industries: energy and building materials, equipment manufacturing, household products, food and medicine, and textile and garments

Renowned brands: Huaneng Power International, Inc., China Energy Conservation Company, French Qianke New Energy, Shindoo Chemi-industry, Hubei Forborn Technology, CR Sino Pharmaceutical, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Tsingdao Beer, Lehua Kitchen and Bathroom Products, Haodi Household Appliances, and Konson Wood.


7、Yunmeng Economic Development Zone

With a planning area of 30 square kilometers, there are 132 firms, including 30 larger scale companies. Yunmeng County has been successively awarded the titles “Model County for Scientific and Technological Progress in China” and “Safe County in Hubei). The zone has won the title of “Ten Best” development zone for its competitiveness and high quality in Hubei.

Major industries: salt chemical industry, plastic and packaging, machinery and electronics, bio-pharmaceutics, knitwear garments, and new building materials

Renowned brands: Hongbo Salt Group, Firsta Group, Maling Aquarius, Goldking Food, Hubei Yachuan Automobile Gear, Dazhan Steel, Venies Garments, HSD Electronic Appliances, Zhongyi Science and Technology, Jiushun Group, and Jiuzhou Agriculture and Livestock


8、Anlu Economic Development Zone

With a planning area of 32 square kilometers, there are 98 firms currently, including 26 larger scale companies. Anlu City is the national production base for commodity grains, model city for high-quality rice industrial development in China, the national demonstration base for the processing industry of agricultural products, and the demonstration park for agriculture industrialization in Hubei Province.

Major industries: food and medicine, metal products, grain and oil machinery, and textile and garments

Renowned brands: Shendan, Wushi, Baodi, Everest Food, Hefeng, Deanfu, Libaiyan Liquor, ASD, Zhongke Copper Foil, Hangda Group, Dongfanghong, and Ruyi (Anmian Textile)


9、Dawu Economic Development Zone

With a planning area of 10 square kilometers, there are 50 firms, including 17 larger scale companies. Dawu County has been included in the pilot area of social and economic development in Dabie Mountains Old Revolutionary Base. It is the ecological function area for water and soil conservation in Dabie Mountains and one of the first national demonstration counties for green energy.

Major industries: new energy, bio-pharmaceutics, metallurgy and building materials, textile and garments, down-stream processing of agricultural and sideline products, and packaging and printing

Renowned brands: CGN Wind Energy, China Energy Conservation, China Power, Anneng Group, Xinruite Pharmacy, Wuchuan Steel Structures, Ruizhong Casting, Jinliyuan Clothing, Wudao Tea, Chutianhong Peanut Oil, and Jinghua Color Printing


10、Xiaochang Economic Development Zone

With a planning area of 18 square kilometers, there are 52 industrial firms, including 35 large-scale enterprises. Xiaochang County has been included in the pilot area of social and economic development in Dabie Mountains Old Revolutionary Base. It is the ecological function area for water and soil conservation in Dabie Mountains and a national demonstration county for the transfer of rural labor force. Xiaochang Economic Development Zone has been named the “Electronic Information Industrial Park” by the Department of Information Industry, Hubei Province.

Major industries: machinery and electronics, food and medicine, building materials and chemical industry, and light industry and textile

Renowned brands: Huiyang Appliances, Feilixin Technology, Aisan Photoelectric, Kinghao Technology, Longteng Electronics, Jianfeng Hinges, Nuokete Pharmaceutical, Chennuo Pharmaceutical, Wens Breeding, Yongxing Textile, Dongjiang Environment, and Da Yu Electric