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Good Conditions for Investment

Advantages in transportation and location. Xiaogan is located at the center of China’s economic map. Five railways including Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Chengdu High-Speed Railways, five expressways including Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao, Fuzhou-Yinchuan and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressways, as well as 107 and 316 National Highways converge in here. The city center is only 30 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe Airport, the aviation hub in central China, 50 kilometers away from Hankou North Railway Station, the largest classification yard for railway freight in Asia, and 60 kilometers away from Yangluo Port, one of those good ports along the Yangtze River. The city works with Wuhan to accelerate the traffic integration in those two cities.

Abundant natural resources. This city has long been known as “the capital of gypsum” and “the sea of salt”, with its No. 1 high-quality gypsum mine in Asia and largest scale of rock salt mining production in the country. There are more than 20 types of minerals that can be tapped into. Xiaogan is a place rich in food products and resources. It is famous for producing rice and freshwater fish, being one of the ten production bases for high-quality rice and aquatic products respectively. It also boasts good ecological environment, and has built 10 tourist attractions and 5 state 4A level scenic spots.

Sufficient and cheap factors of production. Located at the load center of Central China State Grid, the city has a power supply capacity of 200,000 kW, and built up a double-circuit power supply network. it is also a major user city of the West-to-East Gas Transmission project, with natural gas pipelines covering the whole city. There are abundant human resources consisting of more than 2.5 million workers and 100,000 students at secondary and tertiary education institutions, which can fully meet the demands of various enterprises on skilled workers. Investing in Xiaogan, you cannot only share the strengths Wuhan possesses in science and education, market, finance and information, but also enjoy the benefits brought by sufficient and cheap land, water and power as well as work force in Xiaogan.