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Xiaogan has a long history culture. It is the hometown of Piety Culture in China, an important birthplace of Chu Culture, and a famous old revolutionary base area. “Three filial piety” among ancient twenty-four filial piety occur here. For example, Dong Yong sold himself to bury his father, Huang Xiang is very filial to her parents, and Meng Zong cried beside a bamboo for his mother wanted to eat bamboo shoot; national treasures and cultural relics such as bamboo slip in Qin Dynasty, and lacquerware in Qin and Han Dynasties were world-famous; remains of the Ancient such as the ancient city for the King of Chu, Menbanwan historical site and Yejia Temple etc.; Xiaogan Paper cutting, Anlu comics, Yangdian dragon lantern, Yunmeng shadow puppets and Hanchuan morality book; there are 50 founding generals of the People’s Republic of China, and it is the hometown of Liu Huaqing, Xu Haidong, Liu Zhen and Nie Fengzhi et al.