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Xiaogan Social Welfare and Medical Rehabilitation Center

Xiaogan Social Welfare and Medical Rehabilitation Center in Hubei aims at preventing mental diseases, nerve disease and drugs dependence, diagnosing and adopting “three-without” relief objects and provides daily care, rehabilitation care and medical care for the old, as the non-profit county-level administrations mainly established by the government. 

The previous form of the Center was established by Xiaogan Rehabilitation Hospital and Xiaogan Social Welfare Institute in 1950, in 1959, Xiaogan Commissioner Social Welfare Institute was established, in 1962, Xiaogan Commissioner Social Welfare Institute additionally sets up the ward of mental disease for preferential subjects, in 1978, the original Xiaogan Civil Administration and Health Branch was established, and the Center set up Mental Hospital and Social Welfare Institute and carried out vocational management, in October 2002, Xiaogan Mental Health Center was established after approved by Provincial Health Department. Based on the spirit of 44th Standing Committee of CPC for Xiaogan in 2008, Xiaogan Rehabilitation Hospital combined with Xiaogan Social Welfare Institute, on that basis, “Xiaogan Social Welfare Institute and Medical Rehabilitation Center” was established, with two names Xiaogan Rehabilitation Hospital and Xiaogan Social Welfare Institute. Additional names include “Xiaogan Preference Hospital”, “Xiaogan Mental Disease Hospital for Demobilized Veteran” and “Xiaogan Glory Hospital” which are managed by Xiaogan Civil Affair Bureau. 

The Center covers a land area of 50 mu, including 575 open beds, 405 employees at their posts (including 100 would-be-retirees), 196 health workers, 42 senior professional titles (11 senior titles and 31 vice senior titles), 82 intermediate personnel, 12 administrative functional departments and 16 clinical business departments. 

“Psychiatry Department” and “Care of Psychiatry Department” in the Center are key departments in city-level, setting three institutes, including “Mental Health”, “Prevention on Drug Abuse” and “Clinical Mental Counseling and Treatment”; 6 scientific achievements have reached the domestic leading level, one of which obtained the second prize for Xiaogan Scientific and Technological Progress, one person enjoyed the government subsidy from the State Council after approval, and two staff respectively obtained “Middle-young Expert with Outstanding Achievements in Hubei” and “Experts with Outstanding Achievements in Xiaogan”. The Center has been awarded “Civilization Unit”, “Optimum Civilization Center”, “Pioneer among Enterprises Subordinate to Xiaogan”, “Pioneer for Creating Civilization and Health City” and “Garden-type Center” by Municipal Party Committee and municipal government and awarded “Advanced Unit for Comprehensive Treatment of Social Order” and “Safety and Civilization Center” by Comprehensive Treatment Committee in city and district. In June 2003, it was awarded as “Civilization Center” by Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government, from 2005 to 2013, it was awarded as “Optimum Civilization Center” by Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government in the successive four terms. It is the implementation unit for transferring and paying the management and treatment projects for critical mental disease by central institutes, as the only national demonstration base for love and care project in Hubei and “the Fixed Reception Place for Pension of Off-site People ”; it is the only judicial authentication unit for mental disease in Xiaogan under the authority of Provincial Department of Justice, demonstration point for mental health of national teenagers, rescue center for mental health of teenagers in Xiaogan, guidance center for community-based rehabilitation of mental disability and intelligence disability and the appointed unit for authenticating preferential subjects and the disabled in Xiaogan. 

Currently the Center is implementing the integral removal construction, the new address is located in the new downtown at southern part of Xiaonan District in Xiaogan, whose northern part faces 316 national road complex line of main road in the city, eastern part as south road to Beijing. The total area is 135 mu, the planned total floor area is 51000 square meters, designed with 1200 beds. 

The new address for the Center will be planned to be put into use from August 2014, which will greatly improve the service environment, service capacity and service quality for mental health, basic age-old pension and“three-without” subjects for the town. The project aims at the current condition, faces the long-term and scientific planning, constantly meets the service demand of people on mental health career and social welfare career and will make great contributions to maintaining social stability, constructing harmonious society and promoting the social civilization.