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Xiaogan No.1 People’s Hospital

Xiaogan No.1 People’s Hospital is a developing three-grade general hospital located at No. 215, Huancheng Road, Xiaogan City. It was established in 1951 and its predecessor is Zhongnan Experimental Health Center. Now the hospital has a land acquisition of 200 Mu in Dongcheng District of Xiaogan City. Out-patient department, medical technology building, surgery building and benevolence nursing home are basically completed and will soon be put into use.

There are 806 employees including 693 health workers in the hospital. Employees with medium and high professional titles make up a percentage of 41.8%. There are 407 qualified clinical teachers and 532 hospital beds are available.

The hospital is equipped with over 160 sets of armariums which is worth over one thousand yuan such as whole-body CT from Siemens Germany, medical high intensity focused ultrasound knife for tumor, DR computer digital imaging system, digital gastrointestinal machine, large X-ray machine from Shimadzu Japan, color Doppler from Philip, peritoneoscope, arthroscope, artificial kidney, chemiluminescence apparatus, fully automatic biochemical analyzer, electronic gastroscope, coloscope, colposcope, fiber bronchoscope, choledochoscope, prostate resectoscope, transcranial Doppler, multifunctional anaesthesia machine, brain electrical activity mapping machine, extracorporeal shock wave lithotrite with B ultrasonic positioning, ICU monitor and so on.

The hospital develops itself through science and education. It actively carried out scientific research and introduced more than one hundred new businesses and new technologies recently. 40 scientific research achievements are identified by provincial and municipal experts, including 28 at domestic leading level and 12 at domestic advanced level. The hospital emphasizes the construction of clinical specialty and the build of brand specialty. There are 11 departments evaluated as city-level clinical key specialty in three rounds of reviews on clinical key specialty of the second period in Xiaogan.

The hospital forges ahead and improves itself constantly with the aim of “struggling and innovating, seeking truth and being practical” and the working guideline of scientific outlook on development. It has been granted titles such as “baby-friendly hospital”, “provincial civilized unit”, “excellent hospital in Grade two”, “civilized demonstration unit for respecting the aged and offering preferential treatment” and “advanced unit in hospital management year activity” by higher authorities in recent years. It became a technical cooperation hospital of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in 2012 and was graded as tertiary hospital by the Health Department of Hubei Province in 2013. As a practice teaching base of Xianning University, Hubei Polytechnic Institute and Jingzhou Institute of Technology, the hospital has been awarded as the excellent practice teaching base in health system of the city for several times.

The District Party Committee and the District Government of Xiaonan held a meeting to decide the out-of-place enlarging of the No. 1 hospital on February 18, 2009. Health Bureau of the city suggested incorporating the project into construction scope of general hospitals in the level of three-grade general hospital (covering an area of more than 200 Mu) in development area and Dongcheng District on March 5 of the same year. The new construction covers an area of 120,000 square meters and provides 1200 hospital beds including 13,895 square meters for outpatient service building, 35,568 square meters for surgery building and 70,500 square meters for emergency treatment building, medical technology building and infection area building, with planned investment of 350 million.

Xiaogan No.1 People’s Hospital is listed as an experimental unit of “benevolence nursing home” in the province by Provincial and Municipal Senior Citizens’ Work Committee in 2008. It is planned to invest 100 million yuan in the construction of benevolence nursing home with a covered area of 50,000 square meters including 22 two-story villas, 2 six-story standard nursing buildings and an eight-story rehabilitation center building. 

Tel: 0712-2822170 (Hospital Administration Office)