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JinYi Hotel (four-star)

Jinyi Hotel in Xiaogan is the only four-star hotel awarded by National Tourism Administration. It is a multifunctional luxury hotel which is located in No.227 Chengzhan Main Road.

The area of construction of the hotel is 15,550 square meters; its main building is more than 40 meters which is consummate in craftsmanship on the shape design and magnificent and luxurious on the exterior decoration with time spirit. It can contain more than 80 cars. The hotel gathers guest room, Chinese food and western food, bar, business center, multifunctional conference hall, luxurious Kang Le City, beauty salon, sauna, massage, beauty fitness, boutique shopping, chess and other services all in one.

More than 160 standard rooms and luxury suites are distributed in the 2nd to 7th floor. The hotel is decorated in rich and elegance style and equipped with complete facilities. It is installed with over 40 satellite televisions and international dynamic programs, including several foreign channels. It is also equipped with ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop) broadband Internet interfaces, refrigerators and mini bars etc.

“Xiang Yi Xuan” on the first floor has a business area of over 2000 square meters which can hold 300 people to dine at the same time. It mainly serves local flavors and Sichuan and Hunan flavors. “Jin Yi Gong” on the second floor is a large banquet hall which is engaged in Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese series; delicate cold dishes in Sichuan and Hangzhou. Hao Jin western restaurant is on the right side. It has 160 comfortable seats and you can enjoy European steaks, pizza and Southeast Asia clay pot rice in graceful piano music. There are 39 luxury private rooms in large, medium and small size. Except for Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese flavors, it mainly serves Shark's Fin and Bird's Nest Soup in “Tan’s flavor and style”. Jin Yi “Imperial Bath Center” on the fourth floor combines traditional bath with modern fish therapy health care and sauna. The technicians have exquisite skills and best service. The “Imperial Pedicure Center” on the fifth floor provides foot therapeutic massage which is comfortable and unforgettable and full of dignity. There are also chess and card rooms and gyms. Kangle center is the most luxurious, magnificent Karaoke ballroom which has the most entertainment programs around. It also has perfect digital electronic audio equipment, advanced power and professional DJ and the technology is superior.

The conference center on the 7th floor has 3 big and 3 small meeting rooms which are decorated with luxury style and equipped with completed facilities. It is an ideal place to invite investment and communicate about technology. The conference center can hold over 230 people to talk about business at the same time. There are special snacks, coffee, spiced tea, popular drinks and various famous wine of Chinese and Western in Westing lobby bar.

Jin Yi Hotel will wait for your visit with comfortable and graceful environment, effective and high quality, passion and warm service.

Address:227# Chengzhan Road