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Wanshida International Hotel (four-star)

Being a comprehensive business hotel that integrates accommodation, catering, conference and entertainment, Wanshida International Hotel, with a business area of 20000m2, is built in accordance with the criteria of international four-star hotel to serve foreign guests. The hotel is 3-minute drive to Xiaogan Railway Station, 6-minute drive to Xiaogan Municipal Government and 30-minute drive to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. It has convenient transportation and well-equipped facilities. The hotel boasts an overall appearance of which is elegant, solemn and magnificent and will be the new landmark of Charming Xiaogan.

Main tower of the hotel has 174 sets of luxury rooms, which are all equipped with independent reception room, intelligent door-lock system, broadband Internet access, closed circuit television, mini bar, as well as international and domestic direct-dialing services, and guests who check in the administrative building can enjoy more value-added services. It is really the ideal place for the stay of business people.


Golden Tripod Restaurant in the second floor is magnificent, and the best chefs are hired to take charge of “Tan's Cuisine”, the famous dish, and classical Cantonese dish, as well as exquisite home cooking. There are 26 elegant compartments, which can meet your diversified demands for the number of eaters.

“Fulange” Western Restaurant, being the first one with open kitchen in Xiaogan, can hold 150 people for meals, and these guests can see the exquisite cooking skills of chefs. The western restaurant focuses on French-style Steak and is supplemented with classic foods from different countries in Asia, all kinds of fancy coffee, milk tea and fried ice, etc. With elegant environment, romantic atmosphere, soothing music, fresh and fashionable theme style, as well as services, such as all kinds of wine clubs, buffet party and cocktail reception, the restaurant can provide guests with different tasting experience.

The hotel also provides various astylar multi-functional conference hall, which is equipped with advanced intelligent lighting control system, audiovisual equipment and a variety of auxiliary facilities for banquet. During the conference, projector, moveable projector and large curtain, laser pen, background stand, green plants, vertical platform, microphones of different styles, stationeries and tea breaks can be provided; there will also be experienced service team providing you with butler service, striving to reach the acme of perfection.

Skirt tower of the hotel is Wanshida International Club, with a floor area of 5000m2. Being a new high-grade business club that integrates SPA, fitness center, tea art, chess and card, characteristic pedicure, sauna, fruit bar, book bar and indoor table tennis, the club is able to relieve your mental and physical exhaustion from business, remove your tiredness after a tiring journey to an alien land, and set you free from worries of being engaged in business.

Address:17# Huangpi Road