Xiaogan is only 30 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, but Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone is only 5 kilometers away from Tianhe International Airport. It just takes 15 minutes to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport by Wuhan-Xiaogan Inter-city Railway, and Xiaohan Avenue will used to connect the second channel of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. The two cities will officially enter “same-city time”. 


Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway and Wuhan-Yichang High-speed Railway cross the north and south , east and west; Beijing-Guangzhou, Hankou- Danjiangkou Railway and Changjing Railway pass through the whole territory; Wuhan-Xiaogan Inter-city Railway has been operated, and Xiaogan section of Wuhan-Xi’an High-speed Railway is being comprehensively constructed. 

Wuhan-Xiaogan Inter-city Railway is a rapid inter-city railway inside the Wuhan urban circle to connect Wuhan and Xiaogan, starting from Hankou Railway Station, ending in Xiaogan East Railway Station. Direct operation time is about 20 minutes, and train stations include: Xiaogan East Station- Huaiyingongyuan Station- Maochen Station- Wumulu Station- Minji Station- Tianhezhen Station- Tianhe Airport Station- Panlongcheng Station- Jinyintan Station- Houhu Station- Hankou Station.   

Located in Gaodian Village of the east of Dawu County, Xiaogan City, Xiaogan North Railway Station is under the jurisdiction of Wuhan-Xi’an train depot of Wuhan Railway Bureau, and is a station of Shijiazhuang-Wuhan section for Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway. Time from Dawu to big cities such as Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou etc. by train has been shortened to half an hour, an hour and a half, 4 hours and four and half a hours. 


China National Highway 107, 316, 346, 347 and 348 are criss-cross; six expressways such as Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway, Fuzhou–Yinchuan Expressway, Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway, Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway, Macheng-Zhuxi Expressway and Wuhan Urban Circle loop line pass through the whole territory. 

As of 2017, the total distance for expressways in the whole city was 16890 kilometers, including 286 kilometers of first-class expressway, 1312 kilometers of second-class expressway, 1304 kilometers of third-class expressway and 13989 kilometers of fourth-class expressway. New (rebuilt) classified expressways all year round was 608 kilometers. 

Public transportation 

There are 41 bus lines in Xiaogan City in total, including 12 lines in central urban areas (applicable to Wuhan City Card), 5 lines in Hanchuan, 5 lines in Yingcheng, 8 lines in Anlu, 5 lines in Dawu, 3 lines in Yunmeng and 3 lines in Xiaochang.