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Would you? Go to See the Brilliant Music Fountain

Huaiyin Park is one of the landmark buildings in Xiaogan City, and is also a well-known wetland park in Xiaogan. With the embellishment of music fountain, Huaiyin Park is brilliant. When the music starts, the water curtain begins to rise slowly. With the music, the water column is like having life. With colorful lights on, it can only be described as aesthetic and romantic.


Music Fountain in Huaiyin Park (File Photo)


On December 30, the Reporter learned from Huaiyin Park Management Office in Xiaogan that the opening time of music fountain in Huaiyin Park in the first half of 2020 was announced.


Opening time of music fountain in Huaiyin Park in the first half of next year

January 1 (Wednesday) 19:00-19:40 (New Year's Day)


January 17 (Friday) 19:00-19:40 (Minor Spring Festival)


January 25 (Saturday) 19:00-19:40 (Spring Festival)


February 8 (Saturday) 19:00-19:40 (Lantern Festival)


February 14 (Friday) 19:00-19:40


February 29 (Saturday) 19:00-19:40


March 8 (Sunday) 19:00-19:40


March 12 (Thursday) 19:00-19:40 (Arbor Day)


March 29 (Sunday) 19:00-19:40


April 4 (Saturday) 19:00-19:40 (Qingming Festival)


April 12 (Sunday) 19:00-19:40


April 19 (Sunday) 19:00-19:40


May 1 (Friday) 19:40-20:20 (Labor Day)


May 10 (Sunday) 19:40-20:20 (Mother's Day)


May 24 (Sunday) 19:40-20:20


June 1 (Monday) 19:40-20:20 (Children's Day)


June 21 (Sunday) 19:40-20:20 (Father's Day)


June 25 (Thursday) 19:40-20:20 (Dragon Boat Festival)