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Over 1.08 Million Persons-Time Have Been Transported via Roads in Xiaogan City

On March 8, 2021 Spring Festival travel rush lasting for 40 days was formally ended. During the Spring Festival travel rush, Xiaogan transportation departments worked hard to create a safe travel environment for the passengers in strict accordance with the COVID-19 prevention and control requirement. Throughout Xiaogan City, accumulatively 73,223 buses were input for the road passenger transportation, and more than 1.08 persons-time were safely dispatched.

Throughout the Spring Festival travel rush, the transportation departments of Xiaogan City contacted multiple departments to give play to the synergy efficiency, and carefully implement various works including the COVID-19 prevention and control, safety provision and transport service guarantee. Successfully, across Xiaogan City, the road and water transportations were safe and steady, without any report being reported, and we practically ensured the travel safety, reassurance and convenience of citizens.