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2 Groups and 1 Individual from Xiaogan City Were Commended by the All-China Women’s Federation

Recently, the Reporter was learnt from Xiaogan Women’s Federation that the Decision of All-China Women’s Federation about Advanced Individuals and Advanced Groups Rendering Meritorious Service on the Post among Urban and Rural Women Across China was printed and released, and 2 groups and 1 individual from Xiaogan City were on the list.


It is reported that, the Aixin Nursing Home of Xiaogan City Social Welfare and Medical Rehabilitation Center and the United Front Work Department of Xiaonan District Committee won the title of National Women Civilization Post; and Zhang Li, a secondary procurator of the People’s Procuratorate of Hanchuan won the title of National Female Model Rendering Meritorious Service.


In recent years, Xiaogan Women’s Federation has continuously carried out the activities of women rending meritorious services themed on “rendering new meritorious services on our posts, and women shows our elegant demeanor” among the urban and rural women across Xiaogan City, and taken these activities as the powerful tool of Xiaogan Women’s Federation to serve the center, serve the overall interests and serve the women. Vast women throughout Xiaogan City actively answered the call, based on their posts, and created excellence in competition, to make their own contributions to the high-quality development of Xiaogan City. In this surrounding, batches of advanced groups and advanced individuals were emerging.