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Xiaogan Tianyu Lake Tourist Resort   


Situated in the Suburb of Makou Town, Hanchuan City, Tianyu Lake is about 40km away from Wuhan City, and is in the center of triangle tourism axis of Wuhan, Xiaogan and Yichang, while Xinbei Highway, Caicheng Highway, Heding Road, Yaogao Road and other urban and rural roads pass along the Lake, which presents the functionally axial symmetry in the overall layout, so the Lack is designed to blend in with surroundings. International “Tianyu Lake” Leisure Community, as an eco-tourism development project, has a total area of 10000mu, including more than 3300mu for Tianyu Lake Surface, 1300mu for Sports Park, more than 3200mu for public roads, parks and landscape greening and 2200mu for development land. Tianyu Lake is in Wuhan 1+8 Economic Circle, with a population around the Circle of 20 million.


Fujian Dali Group plans to build a tourism, leisure, holiday and ecological lake community with the largest scale, the most complete functions and the highest grade in Hubei and central China. To make the water clearer, the lake more beautiful, the mountain higher and the community more landscaped, Tianyu Lake has undergone 3 years of renovation and infrastructure construction, and the magnificent Tianyu Lake has began to take shape, while all facilities are also being constructed comprehensively. People have a wonderful view over the southern beautiful scenery of the Lake, which makes them lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Tianyu Lake has famous beautiful scenery. In the Tianyu Lake, you can enjoy the mountains, the water and the gardens, and can also play golf on the green field, or also can have a good swim to relax yourself. You can also go boating or sailing in the Lake. If you are unfamiliar with these sports, you can go surfing by motorboat and feel relax on the fast boat with the waves.


In winter, taking a bath in hot spring in Tianyu Lake to relax your body and spirit is the most wonderful experience in this season.


Add.: No.6, Xincaicheng Road, Makou Town, Hanchuan City, Hubei Province