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An Ecological Road Facilitates All-region Tourism in Anlu

“This road is gorgeous for beautiful scenery along the road!” On March 28, Yang Dongmei, a citizen of Anlu, availed the weekend to drive with her family to watch the cherry blossoms and malus halliana in the Wuxindian Garden of Zhaopeng Town, and then went to the Li Bai Cultural and Art Village at the foot of the Baizhao Mountain along the black ribbon-like Zhao Qian tourist road.


Visitors can appreciate sea of rape flowers, ancient village and ink painting-like scenery along the road. At present, the 92km long Zhaopeng-Qianchong Road featuring red culture and ecology enables Zhaopeng Red Cultural Tourism Area, Baizhao Mountain Li Bai Cultural Tourism Area, Qianchonggu Ginkgo National Forest Park and other scenic spots to be bead into a line, attracting many photographers and tour pals.


Anlu has beautiful natural ecology, profound history and culture, and rich tourism resources. It is the birthplace of Chu culture, the core area of Li Bai culture, the characteristic area of Ginkgo culture, and the demonstration area of red culture. Centering on building it into an all-region tourism destination, Anlu develops planning with a high starting point, conducts construction according to high standards, and makes every effort to strengthen the "road chapter" of all-region tourism.


Centering on the construction of the integrated development landscape belt of agriculture, culture, tourism and aquaculture with Zhaoqian Line as the main axis, Anlu reshapes the rural form with the concept of "beauty", vigorously develops rural tourism, and forms a new pattern of all-region tourism integrating various scenic spots, beautiful villages and characteristic towns. At the same time, Anlu initiates the construction of road head system demonstration lines with the content of "road beauty, road condition improvement and culture enhancement", aiming to build an all-region tourism "scenery gallery" that runs through Anlu and connects Anlu and outside.


In recent two years, Anlu has invested RMB 96 million in constructing two road head system demonstration lines, namely, the section from Leigong Town to Qianchong Ginkgo Eco-tourism Area on Provincial Road S243, and the section from Anlu Museum to Baizhao Mountain Scenic Area on Provincial Road S262. It integrates Li Bai culture and Ginkgo culture with the pastoral scenery and nostalgia of the beautiful countryside, creating a landscape of four seasons with rape flowers in spring, lotus in summer, ginkgo in autumn and snow in winter, forming a natural and cultural landscape with mountains, water and rural homes, poetry, wine and nostalgia. The 15.2km long Antao Line connects 4A level scenic spot Baizhao Mountain with 4 agriculture, tourism and aquaculture projects and 2 vegetable and fruit picking gardens along the line. 3 new convenient tourist stations have been built, the green area of the road has been increased by 50,000 square meters, 37 cultural walls of Li Bai elements have been built covering an area of 5,000 square meters, and the village culture-themed stone flower beds have been constructed by 25,000 square meters.


Last year, Anlu received 2.8 million tourists and achieved comprehensive tourism income of RMB 1.97 billion. The construction of "road head system" demonstration lines won the "Three Successive Championships" of Xiaogan, accelerating the formation of an all-region tourism pattern.