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Through Top-class Promotion, Xiaogan Amazes the World

Presenting Hubei Province to the World – Special Event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), themed on “Heroic Hubei: Reborn for New Glories”, was held in MFA Lanting on April 12, in which about 500 Chinese and foreign people of all circles were present.

Big news! A latest image film of Hubei Province in 2021 was released! From spectacular and widespread natural landscapes to the time-honored culture, from the ecological environment with diversified species to the delicious food full of color, flavor and taste, from colorful cultural activities to the daily changing development of science and technology… the beauty of Hubei Province was presented on every side in the film. Come and find your hometown!

Xiaogan’s Anlu Ginkgo, Huanglong Lake Makou Pottery and Carved Pattern & Paper Cuttings appeared in the introduction video. On the event site, Makou Pottery of Huanglong Lake, with a long history over 500 years, made an amazing appearance in the tea exhibition area, and was gifted to the foreign guests shown up on site.