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Industry Fund in Xiaogan City Promotes Investment Attraction and Enables Smart Manufacturing

A few days ago, good news came from Xiaogan Laser Industrial Park located in Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone that one of the first batches of settled enterprises, namely Lead Laser released 30000W new superpower laser cutting machine and received a batch of orders on the spot. This is the first enterprise of Xiaogan City to promote investment attraction and attract enterprise settlement with industry fund before being put into production and achieving results. 

In November 2019, in order to promote high-quality development of Xiaogan manufacturing, Hubei Zhenghe Fund Investment Management Co., Ltd. invested 50 million yuan and established Hubei Baolixin Fund led by the government in conjunction with the municipal hi-tech zone. It not only successively attracted 50 million yuan of provincial equity investment guidance fund, but also leveraged 152.5 million yuan of social capital injection, forming 252.5 million yuan of fund scale. 

This is the first special fund for investment attraction in Xiaogan City which focuses on serving introduction and growth of intelligent manufacturing project and facilitating the development of advanced manufacturing in Xiaogan City. Up to now, it has injected 120 million yuan of “working fund” for 5 enterprises, namely Suzhou Lead Laser, Wuhan Wanliwei, Wuhan Gstar, Jiangsu Xinyang, Suzhou Rexroth etc. to “settle in” Xiaogan Laser Industrial Park, which has greatly increased investment confidence and development strength of travelling traders.  

It is reported that, since the construction began in 2020, it has successively introduced 6 laser enterprises, namely Suzhou Lead Laser, Wuhan Wanliwei, Wuhan Gstar, Suzhou Rexroth, Hubei Xi’ou etc. to settle, with a total investment scale of 500 million yuan. Annual output value is expected to reach 4 billion yuan. 

Hubei Zhenghe Fund Investment Co., Ltd. has successively participated in establishing 4 market-oriented sub-funds since its establishment and attracted 524.5 million of provincial fund and social capital, with a total scale of 804 million yuan. Up to now, 4 funds have injected “working fund” of 386 million yuan for 17 enterprises in Xiaogan and served and cultivated many “hidden champion” enterprises, which facilities Xiangyuan New Material, Camelot Electronic, Zhongyi Technology, Unocal and other enterprises to move towards capital market.