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Events Related to “May 12” International Nurse Day Were Held in Xiaogan City


Flash mob performance, poetry reading, nursing debate competition……. Medical staff of the Central Hospital of Xiaogan gathered on May 11 to celebrate “May 12” International Nurse Day.

Major hospitals in Xiaogan City recently have held a series of celebrations for “May 12" International Nurse Day. Xiaogan Chinese Medical Hospital held events such as Oath of Nightingale, Proper Technical Operation Display of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing. Xiaogan First People’s Hospital organized celebrations and commendations events, vigorously promoted labor model spirit, May 4th Movement spirit, and Nightingale spirit.

It was known that over 12 thousand licensed nurses in Xiaogan City have vigorously promoted professional spirit of respecting and saving lives, rescuing the dying and the wounded, being willing to make devotions, and loving others without boundary, which has won positive social repercussions.