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Xiaogan National Highway 107 Extension Section Officially Opened to Traffic


The first truck slowly drove into new National Highway 107 at intersection of new and old National Highway 107 in Pengxing Township, Xiaonan District and headed for Maochen at 10:00 on May 10.


On the same day, reconstruction project of Xiaogan Xiaogang-Zhanggongdi Section of National Highway 107 (National Highway 107 Extension Section), Xiaogan City East Outer Ring Road, was officially opened to traffic. The project and new National Highway 316 of Southwest Outer Ring Road have been successfully connected, which marked that Xiaogan City Outer Ring Road has preliminarily taken shape, and that it was a step closer to closure of the city’s Outer Ring Road.


National Highway 107 is the main traffic route connecting north and south of Xiaogan. Reconstruction project of Xiaogang Xiaogang-Zhanggongdi Section of National Highway 107 starts from Xiaogan North Interchange Exit of Fuyin Expressway in Xiaogang Town of Xiaonan District, passes through Pengxing Township, Xinpu Town, Xihe Town, Sancha Town, Maochen Town, Dongshantou of Xiaonan District, plus High Tech Zone of Xiaogan City, and ends at Zhanggongdi of Wuhan City, connecting Wuhan Section of National Highway 107, with a total length of 37.2 km, among which there are 28.5 km of new road section and 8.7 km of old road widening and expansion section built. Total investment of the project is 1.94 billion yuan, and it is designed in two-way six lanes, with standard speed of 80 km / h.


It is also a highway promoting county economy development. Completion of the project has improved local road network, provided convenience for local residents, and laid a solid traffic foundation for the area’s future development. The highway also connects lots of tourist attractions, such as Jinhui Manor, Danyang Ancient Town, Xifeng Water Town, Fenghuang Tianxian City, Daodian Folk Village, etc. together with colorful and rich-layered roadside vegetation, forming “Scenery and Sensation along the Way”.