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Xiaogan Launched Various Activities to Celebrate “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”

In 2021, June 12 is the “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”. A series of activities will be held in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and the museum of Xiaogan to display cultural heritage, build consensus on cultural heritage protection and carry forward excellent Chinese traditional culture. Appropriate adjustment will be made in case of any weather change.

The activity theme this year is “sharing of intangible cultural heritage among people”. On June 12, Xiaogan Culture and Tourism Bureau and Xiaogan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center will jointly hold the activity titled “Intangible Cultural Heritage into the Scenic Area” in Jinhui Manor, Xiaonan District. The activities will include the display of exhibits and skills such as carving paper-cut, Xiaogan rice wine, Yunmeng shadow play, wheat straw patchwork, sugar painting, Yunmeng fish noodles, bamboo and wood carving, and Yunmeng pyrograph to vividly display intangible cultural heritage. On the same day, the “calligraphy change” themed activity will be carried out to introduce the cultural relics in the museum. Citizens can learn about the evolution of calligraphy, practice calligraphy and write on the round fan.

The Cultural and Natural Heritage Day originated from the Cultural Heritage Day established in 2006. Since 2017, the Cultural Heritage Day has been renamed “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” which falls on the second Saturday of June every year. In recent years, Xiaogan has carried out a lot of helpful explorations to enhance the protection, utilization and inheritance of our cultural and natural heritage, insist on creative transformation and innovative development, and also improve the propagation and influence of cultural and natural heritage protection in the new era. At present, there are 6 national intangible cultural heritage projects, 27 provincial intangible cultural heritage projects and 32 municipal intangible cultural heritage projects.