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International Tea Exhibition Filled with “Xiaogan Red”

After 5 days of exhibition, the Fourth China International Tea Exhibition is closing in Hangzhou today. During exhibition, Xiaogan tea enterprises including Xiaogan Honggong Tea Co., Ltd. and Hubei Banbingwei Tea Co., Ltd. have actively participated in exhibition and held special promotion meetings to promote “Xiaogan Red Regional Public Brand” to domestic and foreign customer companies.

In Hubei Exhibition Area of Tea, Xiaogan Honggong Tea Co., Ltd. has promoted “Xiaogan Red” to global customer companies and consumers through tea performance, on-site tasting, etc. and opened up new consumption market, which has become a highlight of Hubei Exhibition Area.

Tea garden area currently makes up 414,600 Mu (27,640 hectares) of lands in Xiaogan, and the scale ranks fourth in Hubei Province. Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have taken tea industry as a pillar industry in rural revitalization, green development, and precision poverty alleviation, and actively promoted tea base construction, expanded leading enterprises, and focused on building eight major regional public brands, such as “Xiaogan Red”, realized transformation from “Selling Resources” to “Selling Brands” under strong support of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in order to implement “The Belt and Road Initiative” and precision poverty alleviation.