Xiaogan has a long history of religion; there are five major religions practiced in Xiaogan with a total of more than 70,000 believers, including Catholicism, Christian, Islamism, Buddhism and Taoism, which occupy about 1.4% of the total population in Xiaogan, among which there are more than 42000 believers for Buddhism, more than 11000 believers for Catholicism, more than 14000 believers for Christian, more than 1900 believers for Islamism, more than 2000 believers for Taoism, 157 religious places that have been registered and issued with certificates (among which there are 123 places for Buddhism, 7 places for Taoism, 12 places for Catholicism, 14 places for Christian and 1 place for Islamism ) which distribute in 7 cities, counties and districts, and 98 villages, towns, farms and streets in Twin peaks Mountain Tourist Resort and occupy 79.8% of the total number of villages and towns of the whole City, among which there are 213 religious clergies who has been recorded and issued with certificates (among which there are 9 Catholic priests, 30 clergies above the Christian volunteers, 2 Imams of Islamism, 168 Buddhist monks and Buddhist nuns, 4 Taoist priests and Taoist nuns ), 10 patriotic religious groups at county level (including Buddhism Association in Xiaonan District, Taoist Association in Xiaonan District, Islamic Association in Xiaonan District, Patriotic Catholic Association in Hanchuan City, Committee of Three-self Patriotic of the Protestant Churches in Hanchuan City, Buddhism Association in Hanchuan City, Buddhism Association in Yingcheng City, Christian Institute in Yunmeng County, Buddhism Association in Dawu County, Buddhism Association in Xiaochang County).