In 2012, a total number of 678 production safety accidents took place in Xiaogan, decreasing by 23.6% against previous year. 378 people were hurt, increasing by 4.4%; 103 people died, equal to previous year; and the direct economic loss was 20.39 million Yuan, increasing by 95.5%.

In 2012, Xiaogan undertook 18 land reclamation projects invested by national and provincial government, covering an area of 23,500 hectares. Over 7900 law enforcement patrols were carried out, which had discovered some 460 unlawful acts on various kinds of national resources, curbed over 320 of such unlawful acts and well played the role of prevention beforehand.

Strengthening of ecological environmental management. In 2012, Xiaogan had carried out 38 emission reduction projects and shut down 5 high pollution and high energy-consumption enterprises. Besides, Xiaogan was the first city in Hubei Province to have built up Key Pollution Source Monitoring Platform as well as PM2.5 Atmospheric Haze Monitoring Station. All of these contributed to the realization of provincial goals and targets in terms of comprehensive energy consumption of ten thousand Yuan of GDP and emission of carbon dioxide and other major pollutants.