Xiaogan dialect belongs to the southwestern official language of northern dialect. Lower Yangtze Mandarin, Hunan dialect and Gan dialect are spoken in places around Xiaogan City. Besides, Xiaogan dialect is a representative local dialect in “Chu Language”. Owing to its unique geographical position and historical condition, Xiaogan dialect has embraced many useful elements and obtained a compatible characteristic of northern and southern dialects. Xiaogan dialect has absorbed the language characteristics of northern and southern languages and dialects while maintaining the ancient elements of Xiaogan dialect. Although it belongs to southwestern official language, it is quite different from the representative dialect “Hankou dialect” and is more close to northern language in terms of syllable onset and has the feature of southern dialects in terms of syllable rime and tones. However, Xiaogan dialect spoken by people in different areas of Xiaogan is also different. Xiaogan dialect spoken by people in northern area is more close to the phonological features of northern dialects and Xiaogan dialect spoken by people in southern area has integrated the features of northern and southern dialects while maintaining its own phonological features.