Xiaogan is a place with rich filial piety culture. In A.D.454, this area was honored as “Xiaochang” (many dutiful sons) County for nurturing a large number of dutiful sons. In A.D.924, Emperor Zhuangzong of Later Tang changed Xiaochang County into Xiaogan County based on such touching stories as “Dongyong sold himself to bury his father”, “Huangxiang cooled down the pillow and mat in summer and warmed the quilt in winter for his father” and “Mengzhong’s crying moved the bamboo shoots to grow up in winter and thus cured his mother’s disease. Up till now, Xiaogan still vigorously promotes the heritage of filial piety culture and makes great efforts to establish and develop the brand of filial piety culture. In the year of 1996 and 2002, Xiaogan held two campaigns of selecting “Top Ten Dutiful Sons”, through which a group of dutiful sons in modern China were picked out, including Zhou Yulan who was praised as “National Good Son and Daughter”; this established a new social atmosphere and contributed to construction of harmonious Xiaogan.