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Comments on Promotion of Sustainable and Stable Development of Foreign Trade Issued by Office of Municipal People’s Govenment

Comments on Promotion of Sustainable and Stable Development of Foreign Trade Issued by Office of Municipal People’s Govenment

Issued by Xigaogan Municipal Government Office (2013) No. 57

People’ Government of counties (cities), Xiaogan Hi-tech Zone, Airport Economic Zone, Management Committee of Shuangfengshan Tourist and Vacation Zone, all Departments of the Municipal Government:  

It is hereby to issue the comments on promotion of sustainable and stable development of foreign trade in Xiaogan city in accordance with spirit of Comments on Promotion of Sustainable and Stable Development of Foreign Trade Issued by the Provincial Government of Hubei (Hubei Provincial Government Office [2013] No. 21) and practical conditions of our city so as to promote the sustainable and stable development of foreign trade in the whole city and boost great-leap-forward development of economy in Xiaogan.  

I. Carry out “Three Projects” of foreign trade

(I) Project of carrying forward key enterprises and leading industrial cluster enterprises. “One policy for one enterprise” shall be carried out to key enterprises whose annual average value of export is over USD 10,000,000 so as to provide preference on execution of policies, financial support, market expansion and resources sharing. Industrial cluster enterprises with local advantages and features shall be encouraged to create a provincial or even nationwide export base and demonstration area for export quality safety.  

(II) Project of boosting the development of growing enterprises. Supports shall be provided to growing enterprises whose annual average value of export is between USD 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 so as to boost the capacity, market expansion and newly established export business of the enterprises, and then facilitate scale expansion and the formation of key enterprises as soon as possible. 

(III) Carry out actual performance project for open enterprises. As to enterprises which have gain import and export qualification but without actual export performance, measures including policies advertising, training and support from large-scale enterprise shall be taken to facilitate the import and export potential of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises so as to converse the situation of supply export into self-support export. 

II. Strengthen Support of Fiscal Policies at Municipal Level

(I) Reward key export enterprises. Capital shall be rewarded to key enterprises in “Three Projects”. Export enterprises whose annual average value of export is over USD 50,000,000 shall be treated with “one policy for one enterprise”, cultivated by both the province and the city and covered by two levels, where enterprises directly governed by the city shall be rewarded RMB 60,000 by the Municipal Government. As to export enterprises whose annual average value of export is between USD 30,000,000 to 50,000,000 and directly governed by the city, they shall be rewarded RMB 40,000 by the Municipal Government. Enterprises with USD 10,000-30,000 annual average value of export which is directly governed by the city shall be rewarded RMB 20,000 by the Municipal Government. Main support shall be given to those enterprises whose annual average export has been over USD 10,000,000, and priority shall be given to them on industrial development funds in the next year. 

(II) Carry out reward for enterprises directly governed by the city. The Municipal Government shall pay the reward to previous-year export enterprises directly governed by the city at the beginning of each year in accordance with the documents from the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Comments on Incentive Measures to Facilitate Great-leap-forward Development of Economy at Municipal Level (Issued by Xiaogan [2012] No. 13). As to enterprises which export products encouraged by the country including new high-tech products, electrical and mechanical products and agricultural products and whose export has been increased, every dollar’s export shall be rewarded by RMB 0.015; as to enterprises which export other products and whose export has been increased, every dollar’s export shall be rewarded RMB 0.01. As to export enterprises without export growth, reward shall be halved. 

(III) Encourage to expand international market. Enterprises directly governed by the city are encouraged to explore international market in accordance with the document of Comments on Support to Stable and Rapid Economic Development of Industry at the Same Level Issued by the Municipal Government (Issued by Xiaogan Municipal Government [2013] No. 8). These enterprises which participate in international exhibitions at home organized by National Ministries and Commissions and Provincial Government shall be rewarded RMB 10,000 for every booth; as to those who participate International exhibition overseas organized by government, every booth shall be rewarded by RMB 20,000 by the Municipal Government. 

(IV) Support training for export enterprises. Import and export business and policy training shall be organized for growing export enterprises and enterprises which have gained the qualification of import and export but without any actual export performances so as to help them solve problems like financial difficulty, weak anti-risk capability and market expansion capacity. Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Commerce shall hold training lessons for export enterprises for free once to twice every year, the expense of which shall be included in the yearly budget for subsidy. 

III. Strive for Support from Provincial and National Project

(I) Make full use of fiscal supporting funds. Take advantage of the guiding role of fiscal funds and organize local foreign trade enterprises to declare all kinds of funds for foreign trade project mainly including explosion of international marker, import subsidy, establishment of public platform, coordinated development of foreign economies and trade regions and special incentive for encouraging foreign trade. Priority shall be given to funds support including international qualification, registration and patent application of products, participation of shares overseas or merger and acquisition of overseas marketing network, after-sale service system and R&D organization.   

(II) Compete for funds for industrial project proposals for investment. Centered on existing industrial chains of foreign trade in Xiaogan, we’ll improve what has been left and establish “new chain” on the basis of strategic new industry where attention should be paid, thus forming special advantages of foreign trade industry in the whole city. Export-oriented key projects whose new investment has been above USD 50,000 and its annual export value has been USD 10,000,000, efforts shall be taken to thrive for disposable financial support which the provincial government has given to the local business investment organization. 

(III) Fight for ECI project. Take an active role in fighting for the ECI project established by the Provincial Department of Commerce with the joint effort of Wuhan branch of CITIC insurance. Credit insurance policies shall be taken to support the expansion of export in foreign trade enterprises so as to help more enterprises to gain international orders and create new accomplishments. 

IV. Continuously Optimize Export Environment 

(I) Improve service standard of business. Departments of Commerce in all levels shall be responsible for foreign trade services including registration of foreign trade operator, qualification of processing trade and capacity, declaration and approval for the import of electrical and mechanical equipments, application and approval of invitation of foreigners to China so as to further simplify the procedure and increase the efficiency. 

(II) Facilitate the process of export rebates. Improve the system of export rebates, prolong the application period for export rebates, increase the range of export product to be regarded as a tax rebate for production enterprise, optimize export rebates service, facilitate the process of export rebates so as to ensure prompt and correct rebates. Cancel the 12 months time limit of review for small enterprises and enterprises who has recently establish export business, and foreign trade enterprises can declare rebate or duty free beyond the reporting period of VAT for tax payment. 

(III) Facilitate the development of “clearance”. Strengthen communication and coordination and facilitate the development of inspection and quarantine formal organization in Xiaogan. Besides, convenient clearance measures shall be carried out with regard to separate management, green channel and green light in a profound manner so as to achieve the smooth coordination of inspection and quarantine and the import and export business of enterprises. On the basis of one Business Day (24 hours) appointment, we shall carry out “normal business shall be coped with without any delay, whether day or night; emergency shall be solved at the very first time, whether big or small; the demands of enterprises shall be replied, whether being free or busy”. 

V. Strengthen Organizational Leadership and Improve Guarantee System

(I) Perfect joint conference system. Joint conferences shall be held by the Municipal Government at any time or regularly. Participation units include Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Finance, Municipal Administration of Foreign Affairs, Municipal Internal Revenue Bureau, Xiaogan Inspection and Quarantine Office and professional banks related to foreign trade. Joint conference is held to analyze the condition of export and try to solve the problems and difficulties occurred during export with joint efforts. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce shall take the responsibility of conference and actively contact with Wuhan On-site Operation Office of Customs, and strengthen the relation with departments including internal revenue, commodity inspection and administration of foreign affairs so as to develop sound environment for development. 

(II) Consolidate supervision and check. Increase the ratio of foreign trade in assessment. The Municipal Government shall inform counties (cities) and districts of the completion of foreign trade target. At the end of each year, there will be comprehensive review for the completion: those who have finished the annual target shall be rewarded by the Municipal Government; those who haven't shall be deprived of the qualification of application for economic advanced unit in that year.

(III) Relevant policies shall be prepared by counties (cities). All counties (cities) shall prepare policies concerned to support development of foreign trade in accordance with the regulation of municipal policies concerned and its local conditions. 

Xiaogan Municipal People’s Government Office 

September 5, 2013