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Notice on Issuing Regulations on Investment Solicitation of Dawu County

Notice on Issuing Regulations on Investment Solicitation of Dawu County

To Party Committee and People’s Government of each town, Party Committee of People’s Armed Forces Department in the county, each County Committee and Commission, Management Committee for development zone, each office and bureau of state authorities in the county and each people group : 

Regulations on Investment Solicitation of Dawu County (trial) has passed in the negotiation by County Committee and county government, presently it will be issued and printed for you to abide by in the implementation. 

Office of Dawu Committee of CPC

Office of People’s Government for Dawu County 

January 13, 2012 

Measures on Investment Solicitation of Dawu County 


ChapterⅠ General principle 

Article 1 In order to speed up the construction on medium developed counties for the entire province, develop the industrial economy by breakthrough, spare no effort to carry out investment solicitation and promote the leap-type development of economy and society, based on the national relevant laws and regulations, the regulations are formulated through combining the actual condition of our county. 

Article 2 The projects for investment solicitation should comply with the national industrial policies and planning of industrial layout in out county to avoid repeated construction with lower level. 

Article 3 The investment solicitation in the entire county is in the leadership of leaders panel for investment solicitation in the county. 

Article 4 Development Zone of the county, Administrative Service Center of the county, Development and Reform Bureau of the county, Economic Credit Bureau of the county, Finance Bureau of the county, Environmental Protection Bureau of the county, Science and Technology Bureau of the county, Price Bureau of the county, Supervision Bureau of the county and other relevant departments should jointly implement the project construction and service for enterprise settlement.  

ChapterⅡ Project Management

Article 5 Projects for investment solicitation which settle in our county will be provided the corresponding bonus award and policy support in infrastructure construction of projects by county government based on factors like investment amount, investment intensity, construction progress and taxation contribution. 

Article 6 The bonus award for construction of infrastructure in general projects shall not exceed the land transfer benefit of government in the project. 

The preferential policy for significant projects is implemented “one issue and one discussion” and determined in the executive meeting of county government. With the approval of executive meeting by county government, if the settlement units of projects consider it is necessary to obtain more preference, relevant capital for bonus on settlement is undertaken by the settlement unit. If the introduced unit for project is not consistent with the settlement unit, relevant responsibilities are undertaken by both parties through discussion. 

Article 7 Regulate the working procedures on negotiation, archiving, demonstration, approval and settlement for projects in investment solicitation. Relevant contents are implemented based on the issued document by Dawu government [2011] No. 24 Document Working Procedures of County Government on Regulating Investment Solicitation Project. 

Article 8 The selected address for project settlement should abide by the principle of industrial concentration, reasonable layout and overall planning. The proposed projects for settling in the county are overall arranged by county government to confirm the address for settlement. 

Article 9 Introducing the land for industrial projects are managed by through rated indicator. As for projects which settle in the urban area of county or development zone of the county, their fixed investment must reach over 30 million yuan or the annual taxation contribution by the land of each mu should be over 50 thousand yuan; the construction density shall not be lower than 30%, the land area for administrative office and living service facilities shall not exceed 7% of the total land area for industrial project; the greening rate of enterprise shall not exceed 20%; the indicator for plot ratio of construction land of industrial project is implemented based on relevant regulations of Notice on Issuing and Implementing Control Indicator for Construction Land of Industrial Project (issued by Bureau of State Land Resource [2008] No. 24. 

Chapter Ⅲ Contract management

Article 10 Signing the contract on investment solicitation must abide by the regulations and shall not violate relevant laws, regulations and policy provision. 

Article 10 If county government and towns sign the contract on investment solicitation to provide preferential policies for investors, they should clearly negotiate the performing conditions for enterprises to perform and relevant breach responsibilities and guarantee the equal status of rights and obligations in the contract. 

Article 12 Investment Solicitation Bureau of the county takes charge of preparing the demonstration contract text for investment solicitation and timely modifying and improving it based on relevant laws, regulations and policies. 

Article 13 Before signing the contract on investment solicitation, except the preliminary review based on relevant provision in the regulation, Office of Legislative Affairs of county government should still organize the law counselor in the government to carry out the legal argumentation on contract. 

Article 14 The contract on investment solicitation is carried out level-to-level administration. As for projects brought into county-level investment solicitation, the contract should be signed after reviewed and approved by county government; as for projects brought into town-level investment solicitation, the contract should be signed after reviewed and approved by town government; 

Article 15 After signing the contract on investment solicitation, the copies of contract should be reported to Office of County Government, Investment Solicitation Bureau of the county and Finance Bureau of county for archiving within 10 days. 

Article 16 After the contract on investment solicitation takes effect, check the contract performance. If the opposite party for the contract violates the agreement, timely supervise the party to perform obligations in the contract. If the party fails to perform in the reasonable time limit, the party should undertake the corresponding breach responsibilities. 

As for projects brought in the county-level investment solicitation and located in the development zone of settlement county, the development zone checks the contract performance with relevant units; as for projects located out of development zone, Investment Solicitation Bureau of the county checks the contract performance with relevant units. The verified condition should be promptly reported to county government. 

The contract on investment solicitation signed by each town should be checked by each town for the performance. 

Chapter Ⅳ Incentives and supervision management 

Article 17 As for meritorious individuals who introduce the industrial projects, they will be provided with the following incentives based on the following standards after projects are completed and put into operation according to the agreement: 

(Ⅰ) If actual investment (excluding land, the same below) for fixed assets of settled towns reaches the scope from 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan) to 30 million yuan and the project in development zone or urban county reaches the scope from 30 million (including 30 million yuan) to 50 million yuan, the project is provided the award of 30000. 

(Ⅱ) As for projects with actual investment for fixed assets reaching the scope from 50 million yuan (including 50 million yuan) to 100 million yuan (including 100 million yuan), they are provided the incentive at 100 thousand yuan. 

(Ⅲ) As for projects with actual investment for fixed assets reaching above 100 million, or introducing the important projects of domestic and overseas famous brands and listed companies, the incentive standard is determined the executive meeting of county government through the method of “one issue and one discussion”. 

Article 18 If departments subordinate to the county introduces merchants outside the county to establish industrial projects or large commercial enterprises in urban county or development zone of county (with the investment for fixed assets at above 50 million yuan), since the day of operation and benefiting of the project, the local retained part for tax revenue (deducting the preferential policy enterprise has enjoyed) is rewarded to the introducing department by Finance Bureau of county based on the ratio of 50% for the successive three years as the working fund.  

Article 19 If the intermediary of town introduces merchants outside the county to establish enterprises in urban county and economic development zone of county (with investment for fixed assets at above 50 million yuan), the production value, sales and profit of enterprise and investment solicitation amount are calculated by the responsible town and 60% of the local retained part for taxation into enterprise stock is managed by towns. 

Article 20 The project jointly introduced by multiple units or individuals is considered as individual project and provided with incentives, but not repeatedly calculated. The specific allocation on the awarded bonus are allocated by the leading unit or individual unless provision otherwise. Incentives obtained by each unit are mainly used for rewarding the personnel by special shift for rewarded projects, the awards obtained by director for the shift is not lower than 20% of bonus amount for special teams. 

Article 21 The incentives for project are implemented on the basis of the beneficiary undertaking responsibility, and multiple beneficiaries partake the incentive based on the benefiting ratio. If tax of projects is put in storage in town, the award should be solved by town government in charge; if tax is directly put in storage in county, the award should be solved by county government in charge. 

Article 23 The appraised units with outstanding contribution to investment solicitation from each town and departments subordinate to county are provided with incentives by county government. 

Article 23 The incentive assessment on investment solicitation is carried out by the office of leaders’ panel for investment solicitation by organizing relevant departments, the assessment affirmation will be complemented at the end of December to raise the award scheme for the review of county government. 

Article 24 If any organization or individual has the following acts in the investment solicitation, its service organization or supervision department carries out the administrative punishment; organizations or individuals committing criminals due to severe behaviors should be sent to judicial office for investigating the criminal responsibility: 

(Ⅰ) Severely interfere with the order for production and operation of investors; 

(Ⅱ) Use powers to ask for money or properties from investors; 

(Ⅲ) Delay the approval procedures on purpose and cause serious loss to investors; 

(Ⅳ) Enter enterprises to check and arbitrarily increase the charged projects and increase the charged standard by violating regulations; 

(Ⅴ) Relevant personnel who verify the contract performing for investment solicitation neglect their duty; 

(Ⅵ) Swindle the award; 

(Ⅶ) Other behaviors to be investigated. 

Chapter Ⅴ Supplementary provisions 

Article 25 The validity of measures is two years since the issuing day. Provisions involved with laws and regulations should comply with the measures. If specifications in the county are not consistent with the measures, the measures shall prevail.