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Preferential Measure of Investment Solicitation in Yingcheng City

Preferential Measure of Investment Solicitation in Yingcheng City

(Finance Bureau of Yingcheng City and Investment Promotion of Yingcheng City)

For any domestic or overseas investors who have fixed assets investment of more than 10 million yuan and is engaged in production in the form of sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation or other forms, the preferential measure shall apply.

Financial Support

1. Since July 1, 2007, relevant procedures shall be handled in accordance with national land policies for anyone who invests in the city to set up production enterprise. For production enterprise with fixed assets investment between 10-30 million yuan, 30-50 million yuan and over 50 million yuan, the enterprise shall be awarded by the city Finance Bureau with the standard of 40,000yuan, 50,000yuan and 60,000 per Mu respectively for infrastructure construction. Of which, the enterprise be awarded of 50% at commencement of enterprise and the other 50% shall be awarded after acceptance and confirmation when all fixed assets investment is in place and have reached investment intensity regulated by the country.

2. For new high-tech enterprises with fixed assets investment more than 10 million yuan or fine chemical engineering enterprises and gypsum deep processing enterprises with fixed assets investment more than 20 million yuan or enterprises of chemical engineering of salt industry with fixed assets investment more than 30 million yuan or production enterprises with fixed assets investment more than 40 million yuan, after levying of cooperate income tax in accordance with rate, the city Finance Bureau shall award the enterprise with total bonus of  retained portion in the first two years and half of retained portion of last three years to support enterprise development.

Preferential Charging 

3. For enterprises set up by merchants, cost of production is charged only when handling project examination and approval and administrative and institutional fees within municipal level jurisdiction are involved. Relevant stipulation of service charges collectable and charging standard shall be explicated by Municipal Government.

4. For any charge for introduced enterprises, relevant units must form preliminary views after coordination with Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau and report the preliminary views to Municipal Government and then charge the fees. Otherwise, it shall be deemed as irregular charges.

5. Law enforcement administration shall be conducted strictly and routine inspection for investment enterprises shall be reported to City Complaint Center of Economic Development Environment for reference.

Service Measures

6. From project introduction to declaration then to operation, specially-assigned persons shall be appointed by Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau (can be appointed from project undertaking organization) to provide one-package service, handling various procedures as agent, providing administrative coordination and logistics support and other supporting services for merchants at any time.

7. System of centralized office for introduced project and procedure handling within limited time shall be implemented. For investment enterprises settled in the city, centralized acceptance and time-limited closure shall be conducted at Administrative Service Center of the city for administrative examination and approval, registration, annual inspection and consultation and other affairs. For approving projects with complete materials and within examination and approval jurisdiction, approval time shall not exceed 7 business days; For involved relevant procedures outside the city, the closure or response within 7 business days is generally required and the closure or response within 7 business days is generally required and shall not exceed 15 business days. 

8. Complaint Center of Economic Development Environment of the city is the complaint accepting institution for State-owned, private operated, foreign investment and joint-stock enterprises with appointed personnel chosen by Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Bureau of the city working together in Administrative Service Center and the reporting hotline of which is open to the public. The Complaint Center shall attend to complaints and reports from merchants and enterprises with enthusiasm, settle down the ones that can be settles promptly and reply in 3 days for those cannot be settled promptly.

Incentive Method

9. For any person who provides project information and conducts direct effect on enterprise introduction, a project information award of 5,000-10,000 yuan shall be issued. For any organizations or persons that have introduced project with fixed assets investment more than 10 million yuan, the award shall be calculated in accordance with 1‰-5‰ of total actual investment of fixed assets on the basis of property and technological content of project.

10. When organization is the mediator, 25% of total bonus shall be cashed one-time for main mediators and 15% of total bonus shall be cashed in a lump sum for main organization leaders and the rest bonus is at the distribution of organization. When person is the mediator, bonus goes to the person entirely. When mediator is organization and independent individual, 50% shall be cashed for agent.

Other issues 

11. For high-tech enterprises with fixed assets investment more than 50 million yuan in the city and industrial projects of investment more than 100 million yuan or tax revenue of current year more than 10 million yuan after investment completion as well as top 500 large enterprises and groups at home and abroad, the method ‘one discussion for one project and one strategy for one enterprise ’ is adopted and a more favorable and flexible policy is available.

Municipal Leaders’ Panel Office of Investment Solicitation is responsible for interpretation of the measure.

April 13, 2007