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Xiaogan Entertained 1.443 Million Tourists on the National Day Holidays Including the Mid-Autumn Festival

According to the news obtained from Xiaogan Bureau of Culture and Tourism on October 8, Xiaogan has entertained 1.443 million tourists and gained RMB 579 million in total from tourism on the National Day Holidays including the Mid-Autumn Festival.

During the National Day Holidays including the Mid-Autumn Festival, tourist attractions, cultural venues, and cultural tourism companies in Xiaogan operated safely and orderly under the premise of normal prevention and control of COVID-19. Diverse and exciting activities were carried out in various scenic spots, such as Wildlife Carnival in Shibatan, “Night of Aurora” in Shuangfeng Mountain, Ink Painting Comics Fair in Shengshi Wenying, Ancient Costume Show in Baizhao Mountain, Family Trip in Tangchi Hot Spring, and Outdoor Childhood Games in Chuzhen Garden, to further meet the cultural tourism market demand during the holidays and continuously promote the rapid recovery of cultural tourism industry in Xiaogan City. 

During the holidays, travel of tourists in Xiaogan City was dominated by the family-based self-driving tours, and short trip, family trip and self-driving tour within Hubei Province also showed a rising trend, just like last year. 

Compared to last year, the source of tourists from other provinces has also increased this year. The medium and long-distance self-driving tour market around Hunan Province and Henan Province has continued to grow, with significant increase in the proportion of nonlocal tourists. The tourism market was running safely, stably and orderly during the holidays.