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The Construction of 40 Key Projects Was Accelerated in High Tech Zone

The first phase of the intelligent production project of annual output of 150 thousand tons of rice wine, rice wine drinks and low alcohol health wine by Granny Mi Biotechnology (Hubei) Co., Ltd. has been completed and trial production has begun. The second phase production line was under construction. The workshop hoisting of Wholetops Steel Structure has been completed…… On November 3, we entered the Industrial Park of the High Tech Zone of Xiaogan, and the construction site was quite busy. The High Tech Zone of Xiaogan further strengthened supervision and service with field training and inspection as the driving force, and gave full support to the project construction. The investor of the project worked hard and strived to complete and put into operation as soon as possible.


In order to speed up the revitalization after the epidemic, everyone in the High Tech Zone of Xiaogan firmly believed in the faith of “Gan Ben” (Dialect in Hubei Province, means striving to minimize the losses to the extent least acceptable) with one mind and strengthened the sense of striving and struggling, laying a solid foundation for the battle of economic development and revitalization after the epidemic.


Since this year, the High Tech Zone of Xiaogan has overcome the influence of the epidemic and flood, strengthened the management of “Management Based on Five Principles” and guaranteed services, and vigorously promoted the centralized construction of 40 projects such as Laser Industrial Park. At present, the equipment installation and trial production have been started for Granny Mi Biotechnology (Hubei) Co., Ltd., Graphene Accelerator, Hdl-Hendry Project, etc.


From January to September, the total industrial output value above designated size and industrial added value of the High Tech Zone of Xiaogan increased by 3% and 2.1% year-on-year, and the growth rate of the two indicators was the first to become positive in Xiaogan; 42 projects under construction were completed and put into operation; 31 industrial projects were signed and introduced, with a total contract investment of 10.5 billion yuan; 18 projects were packaged, planned and declared with a total investment of 14.94 billion yuan, seizing the opportunities of policy.


Standing on the achievements in the first three quarters, the High Tech Zone has been keeping a close eye on the annual goals and tasks, and has made every effort to accelerate its steps for the fourth quarter. In the aspect of investment promotion, the labor division, undertaking and guarantee, and targeted handling were implemented to promote the signing of 38 projects under discussion as soon as possible. It focused on the backbone leading enterprises such as China Space Sanjiang Group Co., Ltd., SKOITO, and Hubei Huazhong Photoelectricscience and Technology Co., Ltd., and introduced a number of strong chain complementary projects; in the aspect of project construction, the High Tech Zone adhered to “Management Based on Five Principles”, strengthened the factors guarantee, vigorously promoted the construction of 31 projects such as China Metal International Holdings Inc, Wholetops, and Jiafengsheng, and speeded up the construction of 31 projects, such as MURO in Japan, and Huishuo Electronics to achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible.

The High Tech Zone also continued to optimize the business environment, increased the publicity and implementation of the central, provincial and municipal preferential policies, and strived to break the bottleneck of production factors, continued to carry out special activities for the docking of production and demand, promoted enterprises in the Park to complement each other in terms of production capacity, supply and demand, and achieve success together, fully activated the endogenous power of enterprises, and ensured the completion of all annual goals and tasks.