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Anlu City Accumulated Power and Accelerated Project Constructions

Leaders of 16 enterprises from Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang County Latex Association, organized a delegation to inspect HMZ Manufacturing Industrial New Town in Anlu City on October 14, and the Parties reached an agreement on investment intention. In recent days, China Sciences Group copper foil expansion project with an investment of 700 million yuan has been signed and settled, and the construction of projects, including Oriental International Auto Trade City, Hubei Liwang New Materials, and Beihong Energy Technology, have been started.

In order to minimize the negative impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the financial operation of the whole city as much as possible in this year, Anlu accumulated its power, raced against time, positively contacted with relevant departments, served at front, continued to improve the environment for business, promoted the tackling of difficult projects with all its efforts, facilitated the completion of projects, and pushed forward the high quality development of finance.


Anlu City focused on project recruitment, made innovations in investment attraction methods, and ensured the Continuous Chain of project recruitment. Confronted with the new situation and changes of investment attraction after the epidemic, Anlu City took the way combining online and offline with both Coming In, and Walking Outside, positively expanded the scope of online investment attraction, turned the negotiation Face to Face into Online Connected communication, and changed the Signing in Person into Signing in Video. This year, three rounds of centralized signing activities in total were carried out this year, with 32 projects signed accounting for 100 million yuan, the total investment of which was 16.28 billion yuan. This has attracted a large number of high-quality projects, such as Yongning Film Products, Hongkai Machinery, Climate Environmental Equipment, etc., to settle.

It is necessary to promote the project in a Practical and Solid way as it is introduced. According to the annual construction tasks, Anlu City arranged the timetable and drew the strategy chart, and implemented the Five Ones working mechanism of One Project, One Municipal Leader, One Responsible Person, One Working Group and One Implementation Plan for the signed projects, especially for the key ones. Special personnel shall be arranged to contact the investors before the projects are settled, in order to help handle the relevant procedures for project settlements; during the construction of the project, regular inspection shall be carried out to solve the problems encountered in the construction, which will make the investors feel at ease and adequately finish Things within the Range. In addition, the monthly scheduling mechanism of project construction shall be implemented, where relevant personnel shall properly rearrange the construction period, urge the project units to speed up the project progress, and ensure that the project will Not Stop. At the end of August, an investment of 5 billion yuan has already been completed by 49 key industrial projects in Anlu City, accounting for 67% of the annual plan.

Anlu City also continued to properly finish the Adjustment of Fang Guan Fu (Chinese characters that bear the meaning of lowing the entry threshold, innovate supervision, and optimizing services) revolution, send officers to subordinate organizations, open up Heart to Heart service, and Immediately Deal With enterprise problems. Anlu City has set up a special working group for warming enterprises to make overall planning and dispatching on a regular basis, comprehensively sort out the difficulties and problems of land, financing and employment encountered by enterprises and major projects in the construction process; timely dock with provincial and municipal major project coordination meetings. Anlu City has dispatched special commissioners to 105 enterprises over the designated size, and implemented Point to Point service, and in addition, fully implemented all kinds of preferential policies on tax reduction and fee reduction to help market entities recover after the epidemic. The accumulated tax reduction and fee reduction from January to August reached 573 million yuan, which promoted the intention of cooperation between financial institution and 24 enterprises, accounting for 1.798 billion yuan.