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Xiaochang: Pingchang Steel Processing and Distribution Project


With the land of 50mu acquired (including 16.5mu for plants, 7mu for complex building, 16.5mu for staff dormitory building and 10mu for other supporting facilities) in South Industrial Park of Xiaochang County, the project has the construction contents of plants, complex buildings, warehouses and other supporting facilities, and has a total construction area of about 12000m2, including 5000m2 for plants, 2000m2 for complex buildings and 5000m2 for staff dormitory. It is mainly engaged in the silicon steel and cold coil processing and logistics distribution business for Huiyang Company. 2 high-precision production lines are planned to be purchased, including 1 single-tool slitting machine and 1 double-tool slitting machine. Upon completed, the project can realize the annual output value of about RMB 18 million.