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Xiaogan sesame candy


Xiaogan sesame candy is one of the famous snacks for Han nationality in Hubei. Its recipe takes refined glutinous rice, high quality sesame and soft sugar as the main gradients, matched with osmanthus and mandarin cookie in coin shape, made from 12 technological processes and 32 procedures; Xiaogan sesame candy is like a comb in shape, white as snow in color, full of fragrance, sweet and tasty, with unique flavor, rich nutrition, containing protein, glucose and multiple vitamins, with functions of warming lung, nourishing stomach, moistening liver and tonifying kidney. It has a long history, and is handed down that the first king of Song Dynasty Zhao Kuangyin had tasted it and spoken highly of it, and since then it had become royal tribute. The main place of origin for the finished product is Babukou in the southern part of Xiaogan City. It is said that only using “water from dragon’s mouth” in Huangtan out of west gate in downtown area to stew sugar could make high quality sesame candy.