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Xiaogan glutinous rice wine


Xiaogan glutinous rice wine is the traditional local drink in Hubei, local specialties with thousands of history, featured with material selection and unique preparation; it is made of local fine glutinous rice and fermentation and brewing of distiller’s yeast in phoenix nest shape. The ripe glutinous rice wine in original flavor—with light soup and cracked rice, white as jade in color, rich fragrance like honey, sweet flavor, containing rich vitamins, glucose and amino acid; drinking it could stimulate your appetite and refresh yourself, tonify qi and blood, and enrich yin and nourish kidney; puerpera and women could benefit from it if they drink it in the menstrual period, and it is considered the nutritional cuisine for the old and young. In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong tasted glutinous rice wine of Xiaogan and praised it “good wine with good flavor” when he visited Xiaogan in person for the inspection work.