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Yunmeng fish noodle


“Yunmeng fish noodle” began to be produced in Daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty, with a long history. It is made by selecting the fish in “white crane branch”, water in Guihua Lake, refined flour from fresh wheat and sesame oil as the main ingredients, with white color as silver and fine as silk; so it is also called “silver silk fish noodle”. There are two eating methods; one is to boil the finished noodle and eat after adding some seasoning; the other is to dry and pack the finished noodle for storage in a long term, then boil the noodle when eating it. Yunmeng fish noodle has already been reputed as the local traditional feature noodle. The product has rich nutrition, with tasty and unique flavor, so it is actually the edible cuisine and optimal present. In 1915, fish noodle of Yunmeng obtained a silver medal that attributes to its high quality in specialty competition in World Exposition of Panama, and the product sells well throughout the country even in the international market.