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Prince Rice


It is a special local produce in plantation, with place of origin in Xiaochang of Hubei. It is considered one of five kinds of high quality rice. The registered logo is “buniushi”. The major varieties include prince yuzhu, prince yubo, prince yujing and prince yuxin. “Prince Rice” is produced in Niujishan area of Zougang Town. The soil in the area has high content of ferrum and abundant water source, so the produced rice is of high quality, beautiful color and good flavor. It is handed down that Tang Gaozu Li Yuan passed-by the place when taking a southern tour, and he spoke highly of the rice after tasting it, and then he ordered that the rice would be listed as dynasty tribute rice; especially prince loved it, so it became the main food of prince and gained the name of “prince rice”. The rice becomes the unique high quality variety through the constant improvement and updating of the cultivated breeder seed by Nuclear Energy Institute of Zhejiang Agricultural College. It is made through the scientific processing and refining by modern equipment. With uniform particles, sparking and crystal-clear, it contains rich protein, multiple vitamins, amino acid and indispensible elements for human body like calcium and ferrum, especially zinc which is praised as “flower of human body” is 3~5 times higher than that in ordinary rice; after eating it, you could feel rich fragrance, leading to endless aftertastes. “Prince rice” was awarded as one of the national “Five Kinds of High-quality Rice” in 1991, awarded as “High-quality Product” of Hubei in 1993, obtained “Silver Medal in National Subsidiary Agricultural Products Exposition” in 1994, obtained “Product Certificate with Local Brand in the third National Agricultural Products Exposition” in 1997; in 1999, it was tested by Food Inspection and Test Center of Agricultural Ministry, and 18 items of indices all comply with the standard issued by the Ministry, with rice quality reaching the “International Special Grade”; it was awarded as “99 Hubei Famous Product in China’s International Agriculture Exposition”, selling well throughout the country.