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Xiaogan Hanchuan Lotus Moon


Hanchuan Lotus Moon is a traditional food with unique flavor in Hanchuan, which can be dated back to more than 600 years ago. The records and descriptions on the pictures of Volume 12 of “Hanchuan County Annal” in the Qing Dynasty write: the white cake (Hanchuan Lotus Moon) is soft, fragrant and sweet, tradition has it that Yin Ling from Hanchuan selected the finest raw materials and carefully made them to dessert supplemented with dried tangerine peel and preserved fruit, and presented it to the imperial court to show his loyalty, being mixed in boiling water, the dessert in the bowl was like white lotus petals layer upon layer; and the shape was like a clear and bright moon. The Emperor tasted it and was profuse in praise, thus granting the dessert the name of “Lotus Moon” bestowed with the artistic conception of “moonlight over the lotus pond” according to the characteristics that the white cake was produced in Diaocha.


Materials for Hanchuan Lotus Moon are fastidiously selected, which are crunchy with the addition of patent flour and lard for two times, and the filling is prepared using sesame oil, green plum, sweet-scented osmanthus, orange cake and sugar, Hanchuan Lotus Moon features round, hollow, surface bulges, surrounding symmetrical folds, milky white and delicate of the whole surface, excellent in color, aroma and taste, which functions as appetizing and regulating vital energy. The lotus moon is rich in nutrition, containing essential protein, fat, carbohydrate, and Vc, Vb6, VB12 and a variety of trace elements, and especially effecting on infirmity of the elderly, post-disease rehabilitation and infant growth. At the same time, it is also a kind of fast food popular with the public.