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Vigorously Promote “Blueprint” to Become “Working Plan”


Schematic Diagram of Wuhan Metropolitan Area Corridors


Schematic Diagram of Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway

“The construction of Wuhan Metropolitan Area Corridors is a great opportunity for development of Xiaogan, and we will actively participate in it from supporting means of transportation.” On December 10, according to Xiaogan Ministry of Transport, the reporter knew that Xiaogan was actively participating in the Wuhan Metropolitan Area Corridors, and was making great efforts to promote the “blueprint” to become “working plan” for Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway Project, so as to ensure the early commencement of the project and make the expressway open to traffic.

On December 7, Wuhan Metropolitan Area Corridors Project was officially commenced with Xingang Expressway Shuangliu Yangtze River Bridge and Connection Project. This project has a total length of 360km, and passes through Wuhan, Xiaogan, Xianning, Ezhou, Huanggang, etc. and forms a ring shape, including four line segments of East, South, West and North and two Yangtze River Bridges. It will be fully completed in the “14th Five-year Plan” period.

The reports have shown that there is western section involved in Xiaogan in this project, and it is connected with Huangpi District of Wuhan City through Hanchuan City, Yingcheng City and Xiaogan urban area. Xiaogan City has a construction mileage of 103km, and its construction contents include Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway and its north-south extension line.

Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway Project is also a key project among post-pandemic revitalization and weak links strengthening transportation projects of Hubei Province, and is of great significance to improvement of regional expressway network, promotion of communication, industrial cooperation and integrated development between Wuhan and Xiaogan, city and city.

Up to December 10, Xiaogan-Hanchuan-Yingcheng Expressway Project has been invested in the amount of RMB 6 million. The peer review on project feasibility report, the invitation for bids and awarding of investors and the approval of 10 special topics have been completed successively, and the basic works of preliminary design and construction drawing design coordinated and promoted. The environmental impact assessment, stability assessment, genetic resource conservation, navigation, regional crossing of railway, flood control assessment and other key topics have been successfully completed. The land use has also been reviewed smoothly and preliminarily. On December 2, the preliminary design document review meeting was successfully held in Wuhan, and the project entered the project feasibility approval phase.

Currently, Xiaogan’s transportation departments are making progress together with responsibilities assigned and time observed strictly to ensure the early commencement and transport service operation, which provides the strong transportation support for promotion of the integration of city regions, Hanchuan and Xiaogan.